3 Top Tips for Camping in a Non Powered Campsite

You consider yourself more of the adventurous type. Camping with power is not real camping. You want to experience the adventure associated with ‘roughing it’, being resourceful, and just making do.

So if a lesser extreme version of Bear Grylls is your preferred style, and glamping, hotels or resorts doesn’t appeal, you’re probably more inclined to book a non-powered campsite in Silverstone.

So here are a few tips to help make camping ‘off the grid’ run a little smoother.


Gone are the days when your 2001 ‘flip top’ Nokia lasted a few good days without having to be charged. I am lucky now to get a full day out of my smart-phone before I need to put it on the charger. Many a time I have been caught out with a flat phone and no back up plan! And we all know that there is nothing at all ‘smart’ about a flat ‘smart-phone’. Therefore purchasing a power bank was one of my best camping/travelling investments yet.

As for the logistics, it’s easy! You simply connect your phone charger cord into one of the two the USB sockets on the portable power bank, and you are away laughing.

I personally have a Mophie, and I can get about 4 full phone charges out of it before I need to recharge the Mophie.

This gadget can charge up to 2 devices at once. It will also charge laptops, iPad or anything that has a USB connection.


Now the Solar power bank takes things a step further, in that the power bank itself does not need to be plugged into conventional wall electricity, but has solar panels on it, which charge under sunlight.

Although, since there is not always a strong correlation between the words ‘UK’ and ‘Sunshine’, I would be a bit hesitant with solely relying on a solar based charger. But nethertheless, a great sustainable option that may come in handy if we get some nice sunshine whilst camping in Silverstone.

If you are interested in finding more about Solar Power Banks, this blog by Independent will give you a run-down on the Top 8 Solar Banks on the market.


Torches are ok, but headlamps give you full use of both hands when fumbling around looking for things in the dark.

LED headlamps are the way to go as they are bright, lightweight and are the most power efficient.

When it comes to charging, be sure to purchase a headlamp that will last a minimum of 10 hours on any setting.

For powerless camping, you can opt for headlamps that are either powered by one use batteries, a power Bank, or solar bank.

Another consideration is brightness. Find a headlamp with a high lumen output. This will result in a brighter light, with a longer beam distance in diverse environments.

Most decent headlamps use proximity and movement modes to adapt light according to their surroundings.

Two more points to think about – make sure your headlamp is lightweight so you don’t get a tired neck, and ideally purchase one that is waterproof, as you never can be too careful under this unpredictable UK weather!

Looking for a battery charged Headlamp? The  Petzl-Tikka-XP is a great option.

Or looking for a USB chargeable headlamp? Check out the Aennon Top – Pro – XS





Being able to cook your own food over a heat source is for one handy, but will also add to your Silverstone camping experience.

There are many stove types on the market that will allow you to bbq your steaks at night, and boil your water for a cup of coffee in the morning.

Stoves vary in size from pocket sized burners to big stove-tops complete with a grill.

Camping stoves are like portable hobs. You can cook anything that you would normally cook on your stove at home. Just stick a pot or frying pan on top and make sure you have the right fuel – then your all set.

Gas is the most common fuel used for camping cookers (propane and butane) or liquid fuel (paraffin, kerosene, etc). The stove will have a particular canister that is designed to clip or screw on.

Note: Never cook inside your tent – potentially poisoning carbon monoxide fumes. And have a go at setting your stove up at home first, making sure you have the right fuel!

The Vango Roar (below) is foldable to compact size, ideal for large pots, takes gas (butane/propane mix) and boils 1L of wateer in 3 minutes.

The Appetizer 3-Burner Stove with Grill (below) is a pretty serious stove, with 3 elements, and includes a grill. This would be ideal for larger family camping.

The aim of camping with no electric hook-up has never been about convenience, but with all these gadgets and devices on the market, it sure helps with the ease of it all.

If you have any other camping tips to add, please leave a comment below. We hope you enjoy your F1 camping experience, and if after reading this you decide that being hooked up on the grid is more your thing after all, we are now offering electric hook-up sites for $85 pounds for the Formula 1 weekend!!

Plus, if you are on a non powered site, and you don’t have a power bank, we have charging lockers on the Silverstone campsite.

For more information, message us on facebook, or email us at info@silverstone-campsite.co.uk

Gearing up for the 2017 Silverstone F1 Grand Prix

This time next week Dadford Road Silverstone campsite will be welcoming many people, as we bask in the July weather watching the highly anticipated 2017 Silverstone F1 Grand Prix.

Whether you’re arriving with a tent to pitch-up for the weekend, or bringing your caravan, we’re expecting fun, excitement and hopefully lots of sunshine (relying on the British weather).

As Sebastien Vetal currently leads in the rankings, could this be an opportunity for Britain’s Lewis Hamilton to rise in the ranks?

Whoever your bet on, there’s one thing Silverstone can always guarantee, and that’s a weekend of sitting on the edge of your seat.

With no rain predicted (as of yet), ensure you pack for all weather, and make sure you have fun during one of our busiest weekends of the year!

F1 2017 Silverstone Event Map

Silverstone have recently published the Event Map ahead of the  2017 F1 British Grand Prix:

Remember we are on Club Corner at the South East of the Track!


Be Prepared & Be Patient. F1 2017 Bag Searches will take time.

Ahead of the Grand Prix in two weeks time you would be wise to read the statement Silverstone has provided below:

Public Security Information British Grand Prix 2017

It’s nearly four weeks until the Formula 1 British Grand Prix 2017 starts here at Silverstone and we are looking forward to putting on a great event for you all. If you are lucky enough to be attending then no doubt you’re already planning on what to bring, so we just wanted to update you with some important security information on this year’s event which we thought would help.

As always, we have put in place all necessary measures to maximise public safety, working closely with the emergency services and specialist advisors. However, in light of the recent tragic events in Manchester and London there will be some additional security measures which we hope you will help us with.

For security reasons at this year’s event all people entering the event will be subject to extra searches of their bags and their person. This will make entering the venue slower than in previous years. In order to facilitate quicker access can we please ask that you only bring one bag into the venue, and that it is no bigger than a standard rucksack (max 20 litre capacity).

We do appreciate that you’re going to be with us on site for most of the day, but the less you bring, the quicker you’ll get through the gates. We encourage you to pack as little as you can and only bring essentials. It really will make things quicker. Once on site you will have access to free water and we have a massive range of food outlets that cater for every taste.

As you approach the gates your bags will need to be accessible for searches so could we please ask that you have your coat and your bag open to facilitate a search.

Please be patient if there are queues, and please cooperate with any security requests and searches. We aim to get you in as quick as we can. The less you bring the quicker you will get through.

Could we also please ask, as an additional security measure that you put luggage tags on all of your bags with your name and mobile number, so that it can be easily identified.  Please don’t at any time leave your bag or personal belongings unattended.

If you leave the venue to go back to your car or campsite then please ensure you have a pass out stamp as your ticket stub won’t allow you back in.

We will have lots of security staff, police and Racemakers on site so if you have any questions or concerns then please don’t hesitate to speak to them, they will only be too happy to help.

Gates will be open from Thursday (for 3 day ticket holders) at 2.00pm. Friday and Saturday gates open at 7.00am and on race day at 6.00am, but check our website http://www.silverstone.co.uk/ for the most up to date details and event timetable.

Please ensure you arrive early and allow for longer waiting times while we conduct searches.

We haven’t taken this decision lightly and we really do understand that this may cause some inconvenience to a number of you, but we here at Silverstone take your safety and security seriously.

Please keep an eye on our Website, Facebook and Twitter pages for the most up to date information.

If you see or suspect anything suspicious then please contact the police straightaway.

F1 Glamping – Why do it? Especially when you’re off for a noisy motorsport weekend?!

F1 Glamping – Why do it? Especially when you’re off for a noisy motorsport weekend?!

It’s all the rage this Glamping lark, and I really isn’t just about having a tent ready for your arrival…. Hels Bells at our campsite (Dadford Road Campsite and Parking) are something else.  The amount of effort Helen puts in to her ‘Bell’s’ is just amazing. Her attention to detail is second to none…. and a welcome change from the no frills camping that most folks do for themselves at Silverstone weekends! It’s good for your health too, so they say – see below.

So why not try Glamping at Silverstone instead of Camping in Silverstone and still be close to Silverstone for F1 Camping and Moto GP Camping too.

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Celebrating the UNEXCEPTIONAL

Here is something different about cars – Celebrating the UNEXCEPTIONAL!

Silverstone seems to generally be about the fastest, oldest, best, most famous, newest, historical or the latest thing in cars, motorbikes, trucks and the downright exceptional when it comes to vehicles and their drivers generally …..….so it’s nice for a change to see an event celebrating the unexceptional in cars – just down the road from us at Silverstone campsite at Stowe House/Stowe House.

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Preparing yourself for Silverstone Traffic on Race Days

Whether your visit to Silverstone is for one of the major events or just a quiet fixture, it makes sense to be prepared.

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