Platinum Silverstone Campsite Award Again!

We were so pleased to receive our  2021 Platinum Silverstone Campsite Award this week.

Last year was such a complicated and tough year in which to operate and we are delighted thus far to not be too Covid affected this year.

You can learn more about The Silverstone Campsite Ratings on the link  below, and we are proud to display the 2021 award logo on our website.

We will be open all year for all events at Silverstone and any other events in the area  and look forward to welcoming new and returning customers over the coming months.   Its Superbikes this Easter Weekend… the weather looks good – tickets still available we understand   Contact Silverstone  for Tickets

The F1 2022 Silverstone British Grand Prix looks to be a busy one and we all hope for wonderful sunny camping weather for the weekend.

F1 Camping – Will there be Silverstone Camping in 2020?

As we approach the British Grand Prix, everyone is wondering if this really will be the last F1 race held at Silverstone. Campsites in Silverstone are at capacity and Parking at Silverstone is completely sold out. Good news, if you are still looking for a pitch or for parking, we have availability!

The most recent news is that MPs are having last minute meetings with the Formula 1 bosses over the British Grand Prix. They met with F1’s chief executive Chase Carey and Motorsport UK chairman David Richards. It is common knowledge that Silverstone pays a £17 million annual fee to host the race. The complaint by the British Racing Drivers Club (BRDC) is that they have had losses of £51.3million over the six years to 2017.

So, will this be your last Silverstone camping for the British Grand Prix? We don’t know yet, but we sure hope that we will be welcome you back to camp at Silverstone in 2020!

Dadford Road is Goboony’s pick for Silverstone Camping

Our friends over at Goboony recently featured us on their blog as their favourite place to stay when camping in Silverstone. Check out the blog here.

Goboony is a motorhome rental platform where you can organise a safe and reliable motorhome hire directly from an owner in the UK. Simply head over to their homepage and enter your location. Up pops a list of campervan hire options near you.

We have enjoyed following Gobooy’s blog. They have all kinds of ideas on campsites (including our campsite close to Silverstone!), interesting destinations, tips for campervan cooking, needed camping gadgets, and much more. If you are looking for some good camping and caravan tips, hop on over to their blog and check it out.

All Motorhome Sizes welcome at Dadford Road Campsite!

Thanks, Goboony for picking us for your favourite Silverstone Camping. Remember, if you want to camp at Silverstone with us in your personal or hired motorhome, we still have electric hookups available for F1 camping and Moto GP camping! Just head over to our F1 or MotoGP tab, select Electric Hook Up, and fill in the form!

What to do when you are visiting Silverstone, whether you are camping or not!

There’s no event on at Silverstone, but you still want to visit – what can you do?

If you fancy a cup of tea in the warmth, the Silverstone Welcome Centre Cafe is the perfect place to stop off. Find out what is on at Silverstone, book event tickets, or even browse their official Silverstone merchandise. Remember that if you camp at Silverstone at Dadford Road, you are only a mile from the main entrance where the cafe is located. If the weather is nice, why not walk? If not, it is just a quick drive down the road. Just remember, parking at Silverstone is busy on event days.

If you are looking for something a bit more exciting than relaxing with a cup of tea, you can take a tour around Silverstone circuit and experience a behind the scenes view of the track. You can purchase your tickets at the Welcome Centre. The Silverstone Tour is a two hour guided trip and during the time, you get to visit the Drive Silverstone workshop as well as the Race Control centre. And if you are hoping for that perfect picture to post on instagram, you will definitely get your chance. Besides multiple photo opportunities around the circuit, you will even get to go to the F1® podium. Now that, is the picture to have! You standing on the top step of the winners podium at the world-famous Silverstone circuit.


Spring 2019 sees a brand new visitor attraction is opening at thecircuit. The Silverstone Experience is opening in the Wellington Bomber hangar that is located at the entrance to the circuit. Their website describes the attraction as “state of the art interactive displays, compelling stories, iconic cars and motorcycles – let us take you on a journey through the past, present and future of Silverstone and British motor racing.  At the end of your visit experience the thrill of speeding around Silverstone alongside your racing heroes in a dramatic, immersive show ‘The ultimate lap of Silverstone’ with commentary by Murray Walker.” Wow! That sounds like something not to miss. It does look like this will be a popular attraction, so book your dates and times early online so you do not miss out.

You can also take a walk round Silverstone Village, yes there is a village near the circuit, where around 2000 people call home! You’ll find the White Horse Pub in the village centre – where you can enjoy a bite to eat and beer. Opposite you will find Crofts Stores, a fantastic family owned and run business that stocks pretty much everything! They know lots of people come camping at Silverstone, so if you are staying at Dadford Road Campsite and Parking then this is your first port of call if you have forgotten something.

We think staying at campsites in Silverstone is the best way to be close to the action. Here at Dadford Road Silverstone camping, you can relax in the stunning open countryside while having the option to walk or drive just down the road to the circuit entrance. We are a family run site with all the facilities you need and look forward to welcoming you soon!

Glamping Glimpse

Don’t take our word for it, check out our testimonials on Google, TripAdvisor, or our website!

The Caravan, Camping, and Motorhome Show – We were there!

This past week was very exciting as we headed up to the NEC in Birmingham for the UK’s biggest showcase of tents, trailer tents, folding caravans, motorhomes, campervans, and caravans. Everything you could possibly need for camping at Silverstone! If you didn’t make it this year, put it on your calendar for 2020. It is not to be missed!


We liked looking at all the new season models and products! On our list to get was a new tent (for camping at Silverstone, of course!), camping mattresses, camping table, and Cool box. The Camping Zone display area was huge and we were able to touch, feel, and walk in and out of all the display tents. We have had a small Vango tent in the past and loved it…but we were looking for something bigger…and open to the possibility of the newer AirBeams® but wanted to see one in person. We were not disappointed.

Though we looked at all the different tents, we were drawn back to Vango. Our previous tent had proven itself through the years with whatever weather the UK threw at us…though of course the campsites in Silverstone only have bright sunshine…so we decided on the Vango Valencia Air! That’s right, we are giving the AirBeams® a go. We also picked up the luxurious Vango Shangri-La 15 Double Mattress. We figured we need some comfortable sleep during all the excitement when F1 camping or MotoGP camping! The kids got the Vango Comfort self-inflating sleeping mats. We then moved on to the displays of tables and camping furniture. There are some great options and we ended up with more than we planned…a Vango Cuisine Kitchen (which we are especially excited about) and a table that is large enough to fit us all around. Last but not least, we did find our coolbox over at the Outwell stand. We had done our research and knew we wanted a 12Volt/230Volt option. That way, we had the option of running it from our car or our electric hook up (remember – Dadford Road Campsite offers electric hookups during F1 and MotoGP!) The Outwell Ecolux Coolbox came in two sizes, a 24 litre or 35 litre. We ended up with the bigger one…who can resist a good show deal! All in all…a successful day to prepare for our Silverstone camping this year.

After completing our tent shopping, so we can now camp at Silverstone in comfort, we took the kids to enjoy all of the free activities and attractions. It was a great family day out with a skate rink, climbing wall, campsite cooking, fire starting, top dog arena, and much more! We highly recommend checking it out next year!

Weather Planning for Camping at Silverstone

How do you check your weather when you are camping in Silverstone? Do you have a favorite app, watch the BBC, or just wait to be surprised? Weather details for Silverstone camping have never been easier! Dadford Road Camping and Parking is now featured on the WeatherForecast! We have our own personalized page with weather specified to our location to make camping and parking at Silverstone easier than ever.

Are you visiting us for F1 camping, MotoGP camping, or another fun event at Silverstone? No matter what the event, WeatherForecast’s 7-day weather forecast updates throughout the day. This makes it ideal for planning your activities at the campsite and at Silverstone circuit.

Just click here and it takes you directly to Dadford Road Campsite’s weather page. This is what it will show you:

What a great way to check what the weather forecast will be when you camp at Silverstone with us!

Security Information: Silverstone F1 British Grand Prix 2018

Public Security Info Silverstone F1 British Grand Prix 2018

Silverstone Important security information.

Silverstone have announced some details about security for the forthcoming Silverstone F1 Grand Prix 2018. Full details are up on our website as well as on Silverstone’s website.

Here are a few of most important points:

  • Lots of measures to maximise public safety, working closely with the Police, emergency services and specialist advisors
  • Including extensively trained security personnel, bag searches, specialist dogs and CCTV across the entire site which is monitored 24 hours every day.
  • All people entering the event may be subject to extra searches of their bags and their person.
  • Arrive early and allow for longer waiting times while we conduct these important searches.
  • Take one bag only into the venue. It must be no bigger than a standard rucksack (max 20 litre capacity).
  • No trolleys or larger bags
  • Please put luggage tags on all of your bags detailing your name and mobile number, so that it can be easily identified.
  • There is no luggage storage available on site.
  • Don’t leave your bag or personal belongings unattended at any time
  • When you approach the gates your bag needs to be accessible for searches so could we please ask that you have your coat and your bag open to facilitate a search.
  • Restricted items are listed on the Silverstone Website under FAQ tab.
  • Patience is requested if there are queues. Please cooperate with any security requests.
  • The less you bring, the quicker you’ll get through the gates. Pack as little as possible and only bring essentials.
  • Once on site you will have access to free water and we have a massive range of food outlets that cater for every taste.
  • If you leave the venue to go back to your car or campsite then please ensure you have a pass out stamp as your ticket stub won’t allow you back in.
  • Gates open from Thursday at 2.00pm. Friday and Saturday gates open at 7.00am and on race day at 6.00am, but check our website or Facebook and Twitter for the most up to date details and event timetable.
  • If you see or suspect anything suspicious then please contact a member of our team or the police straightaway.


3 Top Tips for Camping in a Non Powered Campsite

You consider yourself more of the adventurous type. Camping with power is not real camping. You want to experience the adventure associated with ‘roughing it’, being resourceful, and just making do.

So if a lesser extreme version of Bear Grylls is your preferred style, and glamping, hotels or resorts doesn’t appeal, you’re probably more inclined to book a non-powered campsite in Silverstone.

So here are a few tips to help make camping ‘off the grid’ run a little smoother.


Gone are the days when your 2001 ‘flip top’ Nokia lasted a few good days without having to be charged. I am lucky now to get a full day out of my smart-phone before I need to put it on the charger. Many a time I have been caught out with a flat phone and no back up plan! And we all know that there is nothing at all ‘smart’ about a flat ‘smart-phone’. Therefore purchasing a power bank was one of my best camping/travelling investments yet.

As for the logistics, it’s easy! You simply connect your phone charger cord into one of the two the USB sockets on the portable power bank, and you are away laughing.

I personally have a Mophie, and I can get about 4 full phone charges out of it before I need to recharge the Mophie.

This gadget can charge up to 2 devices at once. It will also charge laptops, iPad or anything that has a USB connection.


Now the Solar power bank takes things a step further, in that the power bank itself does not need to be plugged into conventional wall electricity, but has solar panels on it, which charge under sunlight.

Although, since there is not always a strong correlation between the words ‘UK’ and ‘Sunshine’, I would be a bit hesitant with solely relying on a solar based charger. But nethertheless, a great sustainable option that may come in handy if we get some nice sunshine whilst camping in Silverstone.

If you are interested in finding more about Solar Power Banks, this blog by Independent will give you a run-down on the Top 8 Solar Banks on the market.


Torches are ok, but headlamps give you full use of both hands when fumbling around looking for things in the dark.

LED headlamps are the way to go as they are bright, lightweight and are the most power efficient.

When it comes to charging, be sure to purchase a headlamp that will last a minimum of 10 hours on any setting.

For powerless camping, you can opt for headlamps that are either powered by one use batteries, a power Bank, or solar bank.

Another consideration is brightness. Find a headlamp with a high lumen output. This will result in a brighter light, with a longer beam distance in diverse environments.

Most decent headlamps use proximity and movement modes to adapt light according to their surroundings.

Two more points to think about – make sure your headlamp is lightweight so you don’t get a tired neck, and ideally purchase one that is waterproof, as you never can be too careful under this unpredictable UK weather!

Looking for a battery charged Headlamp? The  Petzl-Tikka-XP is a great option.

Or looking for a USB chargeable headlamp? Check out the Aennon Top – Pro – XS





Being able to cook your own food over a heat source is for one handy, but will also add to your Silverstone camping experience.

There are many stove types on the market that will allow you to bbq your steaks at night, and boil your water for a cup of coffee in the morning.

Stoves vary in size from pocket sized burners to big stove-tops complete with a grill.

Camping stoves are like portable hobs. You can cook anything that you would normally cook on your stove at home. Just stick a pot or frying pan on top and make sure you have the right fuel – then your all set.

Gas is the most common fuel used for camping cookers (propane and butane) or liquid fuel (paraffin, kerosene, etc). The stove will have a particular canister that is designed to clip or screw on.

Note: Never cook inside your tent – potentially poisoning carbon monoxide fumes. And have a go at setting your stove up at home first, making sure you have the right fuel!

The Vango Roar (below) is foldable to compact size, ideal for large pots, takes gas (butane/propane mix) and boils 1L of wateer in 3 minutes.

The Appetizer 3-Burner Stove with Grill (below) is a pretty serious stove, with 3 elements, and includes a grill. This would be ideal for larger family camping.

The aim of camping with no electric hook-up has never been about convenience, but with all these gadgets and devices on the market, it sure helps with the ease of it all.

If you have any other camping tips to add, please leave a comment below. We hope you enjoy your F1 camping experience, and if after reading this you decide that being hooked up on the grid is more your thing after all, we are now offering electric hook-up sites for $85 pounds for the Formula 1 weekend!!

Plus, if you are on a non powered site, and you don’t have a power bank, we have charging lockers on the Silverstone campsite.

For more information, message us on facebook, or email us at [email protected]

Gearing up for the 2017 Silverstone F1 Grand Prix

This time next week Dadford Road Silverstone campsite will be welcoming many people, as we bask in the July weather watching the highly anticipated 2017 Silverstone F1 Grand Prix.

Whether you’re arriving with a tent to pitch-up for the weekend, or bringing your caravan, we’re expecting fun, excitement and hopefully lots of sunshine (relying on the British weather).

As Sebastien Vetal currently leads in the rankings, could this be an opportunity for Britain’s Lewis Hamilton to rise in the ranks?

Whoever your bet on, there’s one thing Silverstone can always guarantee, and that’s a weekend of sitting on the edge of your seat.

With no rain predicted (as of yet), ensure you pack for all weather, and make sure you have fun during one of our busiest weekends of the year!

F1 2017 Silverstone Event Map

Silverstone have recently published the Event Map ahead of the  2017 F1 British Grand Prix:

Remember we are on Club Corner at the South East of the Track!