F1 Camping – Will there be Silverstone Camping in 2020?

As we approach the British Grand Prix, everyone is wondering if this really will be the last F1 race held at Silverstone. Campsites in Silverstone are at capacity and Parking at Silverstone is completely sold out. Good news, if you are still looking for a pitch or for parking, we have availability!

The most recent news is that MPs are having last minute meetings with the Formula 1 bosses over the British Grand Prix. They met with F1’s chief executive Chase Carey and Motorsport UK chairman David Richards. It is common knowledge that Silverstone pays a £17 million annual fee to host the race. The complaint by the British Racing Drivers Club (BRDC) is that they have had losses of £51.3million over the six years to 2017.

So, will this be your last Silverstone camping for the British Grand Prix? We don’t know yet, but we sure hope that we will be welcome you back to camp at Silverstone in 2020!