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Club Corner - Silverstone Motor Circuit
For F1 Grand Prix, MotoGP and all other Silverstone Events
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MotoGP Charging Lockers

Charging lockers are available for MotoGP 2024

Lockers are available for all events, pre-booking is required for MotoGP Silverstone camping

For Other Events please ask on site or phone 07802 831 777 for availability.

Cost, Size & Location

  • £30 hire charge per locker for the period of event from Wednesday to Monday
  • Lockers must be pre booked and pre paid for MotoGP.
  • Lockers have USB charging point & 3 pin plug.
  • You need to bring your charging plug and cable with you
  • Each Locker is 1780mm (High) x 380 mm (Wide) x 525mm (Deep)
  • Lockers will be located in the main camping field.
  • Deposit- £30 cash Deposit is required on arrival in exchange for locker padlock key and locker damage. This will be refunded on safe return of the locker key.
  • Only one item can charge at anyone time. You must not use charging blocks to plug in any extra plugs. This will over load the system.
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Booking options

  • 3 pin plug & USB point

    (+ booking fee)

Important Information

  • Lockers are hired (& items stored in them) entirely at the customers own risk
  • Dadford Road Campsite & Parking Ltd accepts no liability for any loss or damage resulting in the use of a charging locker.
  • Lockers are locked by means of padlock and key which is provided.
  • We will not take any responsibility for theft from the lockers -customers may prefer to use the locker for charging battery packs to recharge phones rather than leaving valuables in the locker.
  • The Police advise campers not to bring valuables camping with them to help reduce any criminal activity.
  • Lockers can only be used to charge small IT items. They MUST NOT and can not be used for hair drying or hair straightening or similar, as there will not be enough power to do so.

Dadford Road Campsite reserves the right to refuse use of your locker without refund if:

  • You plug in more than one item to charge at any one time
  • You try and use the locker for hair drying/hair straightening or similar uses.
  • You have damaged the locker in any way.
  • You cannot provide the proof of payment for the locker

Dadford Road Campsite will not accept responsibility for any accident or loss arising, including from the use of unsafe & unsuitable equipment connected to the electrical supply.