Your MotoGP Booking



  • Remember To Pack Your Safety Items
     – Please ensure you have your fire blankets, fire extinguishers & first aid.
    – BBQs MUST be off the ground – so pack your bricks if you need to.
    – Ensure you have a buckets/bottles of water on hand in case the grass catches fire…
  • Check your Camping Booking
  • Silverstone will be busy and it’s Not Bank Holiday on Monday! so:
    • Consider going home on Monday – No Extra Charge. Just stay on site & go by noon on Monday
    • Stay on site, use the catering on site to reduce congestion.
    • If you have to go home on Sunday, be prepared to be patient & perhaps delay departure to mid evening.  There will be very little car parking this year which should reduce congestion on Sunday compared to previous years


  • Follow Yellow Triangles on signage, then follow Yellow E or MK18 5LH for sat nav to our gate
  • Arrive between 5am and Dusk (circa 9pm)
  • Make sure you have your booking information with you.
  • Non Electric Camping – Have you downloaded your QR Code ready to Scan?
  • Electric  – Have your Booking Name with you. (No QR or Bar Codes)
  • Make sure everyone & everything you have booked arrives together at the same time.
  • Please Wait and Gather away from Silverstone to reduce congestion in the area.


  • Make sure you have your booking with you:
  • Non Electric– Make sure you have your Ticket QR code ready to scan
  • Electric – Have your booking details ready.
  • Parking – Friends & Family, plus Long Stay  you will have a QR Code to scan.
    Note those leaving cars overnight & not sleeping in them MUST park in Long Term Parking area.
  • Please follow directions or signage accordingly.
  • You will be given Camping Wristbands if Camping with us – please put these on immediately.
  • You will be given a Camping Vehicle Pass- Please write on it Name, Registration and MotoGP 2023.  Display at all times.
  • Electric Pitches will have an additional Electric Hook to Display
  • Please be Patient, Please be Good Humoured and Please Smile!
  • Also, please Remain in your vehicle so we can get you on your way quickly.


  • Drive Slowly. Ground uneven in places.
  • Electric Campers follow the Red EHU Signs to the Electric Area
  • Non Electric  Campers – Choose your Field – You have three to chose from and there are two big toilet/shower blocks, one between field 1/2 and one the far end of field 3.
  • Ensure your Caravans are 6m and small Tents are 4m apart to reduce fire risk.  Do not camp under power lines Fire Safety Advice
  • Take as much space as you need
  • DO NOT park on mown access roads – Fire trucks might need to get in…..
  • Vehicles Must stay next to your pitch at all times unless you are leaving site completely.
  • Electric Pitches – Please read the email about Electric Rules and information or ask at entrance office or  EHU Office (when open)
  • Leaving site will cause congestion. Stay on site unless you really do have to leave.  There is food on site.
  • Please reduce the number & length of your showers – Don’t Shower at Peak Times – Shower early or overnight!


  • Remember all the people at Silverstone have arrived over the last SEVEN days. If they all go home immediately after the Moto GP race…. it can cause Silverstone Gridlock!
  • ON SUNDAY STAY PARKED WHERE YOU CAMPED.   There is NO point in moving your vehicle,  you will NOT get away quicker.
  • Delay your departure to after 7pm on Sunday.  You do not need to take your tent down or pack up in the morning – you can do that afterwards and delay leaving.
  • Stay until Monday instead – No extra cost.


Need to amend your Booking?

Camping (with Electric):

Camping (No Electric) 


  • You can ADD Only to your booking  but  it is not possible to add to the existing ticket.
  • It needs to be exchanged.
  • This must be completed no later than 24 hours before the original event date.
  • Please re book and pay on this link .
  • Then  request a refund of your original booking via Ticketsource (less £1 admin fee).
  • Email TicketSource via [email protected] with your original booking reference and your new booking reference, clearly indicating which set of tickets you would like to cancel.
  • TicketSource will then be able to refund your booking for the original event, minus any delivery fees and including a £1 admin charge.
  • The money should arrive in your account within 10 working days.
  • If your new ticket is less than the original ticket – the lower price ticket will NOT be Refunded as only Amendments that Increase amount payable are allowable.

Extra Electric Hook up  Specific Info

Hook Up FAQ
We now have this guide to help you know what you’ll need:pdf Download info on Electric Hookups
We have provided additional Toilets and Showers and water point in the hook up area

Electric On: Wednesday 6pm
Electric Off: Monday 9am sharp

Toilet Waste
The nearest toilet waste disposal for Moto GP electrical hook up,  is at the Second Toilet/Shower Block by field 3.

On Arrival  & Pitching on Electric Hook Up

  • At the main entrance check if the EHU Office is Open, if it isn’t the main entrance will assist you.
  • If you are asked to go to the EHU Office please STOP & WAIT to be booked in there.  Please wait for instructions.
  • Whilst you can pick your own pitch, you MUST fill the Electric Pitches from the furthest point back in each Grid of Pitches – otherwise it is very difficult for later arrivals to manoeuvre into position. Do not leave Empty Pitches.
  • Please note that not all Generators will run until Saturday as the site fills, so if you want electric you will need to pitch on the Electric Grids that are Live with Electric!
    If you are unsure it’s probably best to ASK!.  Wait at EHU Office as EHU staff may be busy helping others.
  • Fire Safety Advice is that ‘Live In’ Items (Caravan, Tent, Campervan etc) are NOT pitched side by side in case of gas bottle explosion or fire spread.
    THIS IS IMPORTANT when you lay out your pitch.
  • You MUST Keep everything in your 7mx8m electric pitch. Extra cars can be parked elsewhere if needed. You MUST ask where to put these.
  • Filling up your Water  – Please wheel water to your pitch once you have pitched it will not be possible to manoeuvre your van once you are pitched.
  • Please Arrive Full of Water, or if you really must…. please fill up as you arrive at the Second Toilet/Shower Block which you will pass en-route to the Electric Pitches. 

You MUST REMAIN PARKED AT YOUR PITCH unless you are leaving site completely. Bring your Push Bike!