Getting Home

If you’re using Dadford Road for your Silverstone parking, we’re pleased to advise that for most events the roads operate as normal.

However for major events, such as the British F1 Grand Prix and the Moto GP, the police change the road system.

Generally our main road remains as normal two way road for all events. However the police have the ability to make it in to a one way out towards Dadford and Buckingham. This can mean both lanes are used for outbound one way traffic, after the main event.  Just to get traffic on its way as quickly as possible.

This is just to make you aware that you may have to or be asked by the police to turn right out of our entrance and head for Dadford and Buckingham.

Don’t worry or panic though as the M1 and M40 are clearly signed. Usually this is the best and quickest route away from Silverstone in any event.

Warning – Every year at the Moto GP, there is some one who would like to go to Silverstone and collect a friend/parent/relative after the big race…. to save them walking etc.  However if the Police make the road one way out….. this becomes impossible…. so please just bear this in mind….

These Websites might also be helpful:
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