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Camping + Electric Hookup for MotoGP 2021

MotoGP 2021 Per Pitch – Camping + EHU

SOLD OUT FOR 2021 Moto GP with electric 

Non Electric Available
Do not book here – go to MotoGP Camping


  • Weds 25th Aug 4/5 nights   £155
  • Thurs 26th Aug 3/4 nights £155
  • Friday 27th Aug 2/3 nights £135
  • Saturday 28th Aug 1/2 nights £115

Sunday or Monday – priced the same

SOLD OUT 2021  Moto Gp (ELECTRIC Pitches)  There are No Electric Hookup Pitches left for Moto GP.

NON ELECTRIC  Pitches still available
Generators Accepted (Small Quiet Ones!)

We are pleased to offer electric hook up (EHU) to campers at our Silverstone campsite for Moto GP. Hook up only available from Wednesday onwards.

Moto GP 2021 Pitches
PITCH PRICE Includes up to 2 Adults & 2 Children

Pitches include one EHU and up to two adults & two children (under 14) and one tent/caravan with one vehicle. One camper van or Motorhome is also classed as one pitch.

Extra Persons and Vehicles are charged in addition depending on arrival day.

Please Note that Hook up and non hook up pitches CAN NOT camp together – Hook up pitches are limited in size due to cabling.

EHUs will be situated at the back of the campsite, 900m away from the entrance. It will be a 20-25 min walk from the hookup area to Club Corner at Silverstone. We request noise levels to be kept low but cannot be guaranteed.

No Refunds
Due to the hire cost of all the EHU equipment, once an EHU Booking has been made No refunds will be available. If Silverstone cancel the event more than 10 days before arrival you will be offered the chance to roll your hook up pitch to the new event date or request a refund less a £10 Administration Charge.

Pitch Size
You must be able to fit your Entire Camp, including your vehicle, on to the pitch size 7m x 8m. This is due to the cabling restrictions. If you need a larger EHU pitch you will buy multiple EHU pitches.

At the Hook Up area there will be tap water and a single flushing toilet unit. Toilets & Showers will be in our main purpose built blocks located circa 400m away. Other facilities are available on the main campsite.  See Moto GP Camping Page . Toilet Waste Disposal is available near our main entrance

Breaker Cable You Need a £20 CASH deposit
Please see Electrical Information below for important details about your electric supply In addition You MUST use the EHU Breaker Cable we give you between your caravan/campervan and the hook up plug. This is to ensure your unit doesn’t affect the electrics for others hook up pitch users. We will provide you with this breaker cable BUT we take a £20 CASH deposit for each cable which is refunded on return of the cable.

Electrical Details
A single 16 Amp single phase CeeForm Socket will be provided for your plot giving 8 amp allowance per pitch. The electrical supply will have 1 no 30mA RCBO to provide fault & overload protection. This supply is rated at 8 amps. You should note that 8 amps is not enough for a conventional household kettle. You can draw 8 amps. As we have temporary diesel generators rather than mains power, we have to restrict the usage somewhat. You could run a kettle or heater or shower (for example) but not all at the same time. If you use too many items the power will trip.

Live in caravans & campers
Need to bring a double insulated three core cable which is of an outdoor grade and has a 16a single phase CeeForm socket on one end and a plug on the other. This must be a minimum 2.5mm cable.

Tent Campers
Need to bring a suitable cable for their hook up. This must be a 16a single phase CeeForm plug (blue) with suitable grade of double insulated three core outdoor cable. 1.5mm or larger (twin and earth is NOT acceptable) The other end of the cable should be a 13a socket with some form of protection, electrical and mechanical. The cable should ideally be 20m long but a maximum of 30m.. The 13a socket must be kept off the ground, under cover & away from liquids.

Electric is provided by Temporary Diesel Generator due to the countryside nature of the campsite. This means the supply has to be restricted to 8amps. If you use too many items at the same time the power will trip.

Editing Your Booking
Should you need to edit your booking please click here. Enter your booking number and surname and click ‘View Your Booking’.

Important Notes
Dadford Road Campsite reserves the right to refuse connection without refund if:

  • They feel your equipment is not fit for purpose or does not meet the required standards or specification.
  • Your hook up causes persistent trips or trips out other users.
  • Your camping unit does not fit in to the allocated Pitch Area.
  • You cannot provide the proof of payment for the pitch.
  • It is your responsibility as Camper to ensure that the plug, cable and associated sockets used to connect between the distribution board and the Campers unit/pitch are safe and fit for purpose.

Dadford Road Campsite will not accept responsibility for any accident or loss arising including from the use of unsafe & unsuitable equipment connected to the electrical supply.