We welcome everybody to Dadford Road, camping near Silverstone. 

Inevitably with an outdoor event on a farm there are some site restrictions that may make it difficult for some visitors.

We therefore wish to make you aware of the following:


All camping and parking is outdoors on grass.

The nature of the land is that parts of it are not flat and so access by wheel chair may be difficult and awkward. This means gently sloping land and uneven areas.

Our land drains well, but in wet weather conditions it is a quite possible for the land to get churned up, get muddy and rutted in areas of high traffic.


Some of the parts of the campsite are flat, please ask for advice on the best areas depending on your needs.

We do not have any dedicated disabled camping pitches as we work on a choose your own pitch basis.

Disability obviously  comes in all sorts of forms, so need the shortest walk to Silverstone, others the shortest walk to the loo, so with our site long and thin as it is, it’s difficult to allocate the perfect Disabled camping area frustratingly.

Unfortunately the best flat pitches are away from our main toilet and shower block, so please bear this in mind.

Visitors need to weigh up the best camping spot for their own needs and you are welcome to drive around the site to find the best place for you.

We will be happy to help you if we can, but is best for you to choose your own site that works for your needs

*Please note EHUs are situated at the back of the campsite, 900m  + away from the entrance.*


If you have a disabled badge then we will try and park you nearest our exit, but just can not promise what might be available as the site can get very busy.

However you also need to be aware our site requires a walk on a main road with NO footway. This means walking on the grass verge.  This is a countryside verge, mown to some extent, but rough in places and up and down at drainage points

This makes it very difficult for wheelchairs and push chairs. . It’s fine to walk along, just not an easy mission to push a pushchair or wheelchair.

We would not recommend wheelchairs, electric scooters or push chairs be pushed down the road. This is a busy and fast road (particularly at main events when people have been watching fast cars!) Your safety is important and so please bear this in mind.   Silverstone may have disabled sites that are better for your needs.

Charging Electric Scooter Batteries – you could book and electric hook up pitch for F1/MotoGP, but note the very long walk and that we don’t recommend scooters are suitable to get to Silverstone easily – see above.  We may be able to help you charge batteries on our gate at your own risk, please email to discuss – [email protected]  We will do our best to help if we can.

Please note that there may be a footbridge over the main road to cross to get to Silverstone, there is usually a disabled path too, but road crossing is dangerous.


We do have a disabled toilet and shower wet room within our facilities which has been designed to be accessible to all; it includes grab rails and a chair that can be sat under the shower.  Please ask for details and how you can access as it may be reserved for special guests (such as you!) at big events.

The toilet and showers are approached by concrete walkways but please bear in mind that our pitches are on grass and the ground surrounding on toilet/ shower block is grass which on occasions can be wet.


Silverstone circuit itself has dedicated disabled camping and parking much nearer the action which you may find suits your needs better.  Silverstone have an Accessibility Page that might be useful to you: Silverstone Accessibility


You are most welcome to come and visit our site to see if is suitable for your needs and you can do that at any time, so if you want to have a drive down to see us – please do!


We plan to prepare some photos of our site to show you the accessibility. When this is prepared it will be available here.

In the meantime, please have a look at the photos in our gallery which might give you a better insight to our campsite and parking.

There is a video below too – that shows what it’s like leaving the campsite and walking to Silverstone


It best just to ask us – give us a call and we can talk through our site and your needs, so we can help you make the best decision for you.


If you are registered blind or partially sighted then you are most welcome to bring your guide dog with you.

However, general pets are absolutely NOT allowed in site. This is a working farm so there is a risk to farm animals from dogs worms and animal worrying.

We know that most dog owners are lovely responsible people, but we have learned our lesson and can not accept dogs under any circumstances for the safety of the farm animals and other customers.

Walk to Circuit

Looking from our Entrance back along the Dadford Road towards Silverstone - note the wide verge

Wide verge just outside the campsite boundary on the Dadford Road