Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

Local and site information

Is it really a 5 minute walk to Club Corner Silvestone?

It is 500m from our nearest pedestrian exit gate the main road to Silverstone Gate West 13 on Club Corner. There is no footpath, but there is a grass verge of varying widths to walk along, for most of the 500m.  We would not recommend push chairs or wheelchairs on the main road.

Please bear in mind that when the campsite is busy for F1 and Moto GP, that you may well have a longer walk as you will be further in to our site, but a 10 brisk minute walk from your car/tent should do it easy to Club Corner!

Out of season or for smaller events please note the nearest Silverstone gate isn’t always open. The next nearest gate is a 10-15 min walk from our site.  The main entrance for ticket collection etc, would be 20-25 min walk from the Campsite. Although for the vast majority of events the traffic is a doddle and you could drive up in a matter of minutes and park at Silverstone – just watch out for big events though as some times they have parking charges  rather than free parking!

Can I bring my Dog or Pet with me?

Absolutely Not, We are sorry but we can not accept Dogs (except Guide Dogs) or any other pets on site.

This is a working farm so there is a risk to farm animals from dog worms and animal worrying.

We know that lots of dog owners are lovely responsible people, but we have learned our lesson and can not accept dogs under any circumstances for the safety of farm animals and other customers.

If you come on site with a dog or pet, you will be asked to leave immediately without refund.

What is the difference between camping and parking?

Parking: You must leave site at the end of the day and not return until after 5am the following day.
Camping: Is staying over night and the following day. Camping prices therefore apply.
If you are sleeping in your car,van or any vehicle‚ camping prices still apply.

Will there be queues getting off your site?

The only time there may be a queue is on the F1 Grand Prix Sunday or Moto GP Sunday‚  just after the race, when lots of people want to go home at the same time. There are queues getting out of Silverstone everywhere at this point!.  However, by parking/camping with us, you have already cut out the main Silverstone carpark queues, so you should be ahead of the game! Two exits to the Dadford Road will be in operation for post Race F1 on Sunday (only).

We will do everything we can to help you on your way (as you will know if you have stayed with us in the past) whenever we can, we will help stop the traffic on the main road (whether it be stationary or moving) and help you out on to the road. Please be polite and patient while we help you (99% of you are lovely thank you!)

By far the best advice to avoid queues is to delay your departure, stay on at Silverstone and enjoy the after races and after race entertainment, or if you are camping and it is sunshining, sit in the sun (hopefully!) and enjoy yourself and leave when there is no queue! Much less stressful for you than joining the traffic!  You are welcome to keep your tent up on Sunday and do the packing up after the race while other people clog up the roads with their cars!

Can I change the day that I arrive?

Yes you can‚ ideally email us to advise, no need to wait for a response, just pay accordingly on arrival.

When we leave can we go back towards Silverstone from your entrance?

Most of the time yes, however at very busy times (Ie after the main F1 or MotoGP Race) the police sometimes make the main road one way for BOTH lanes which means you may need to turn right towards Dadford/Buckingham.  The police make these decisions depending on traffic and so we have no control over it. Often the police will ask you to turn right out of our gate.  The M1 and  M40 are always signed posted which ever way you exit.

However to go back towards Silverstone is generally madness at these busy times for obvious reasons!

My Booking Confirmation hasn’t arrived, what should I do?

If your booking confirmation email does not reach you, don’t worry we will have space for you! Just email and we will resend to you!

When you email – please advise your Name, Event, Email address, Arrival Day, How long you would like to stay

Is there always a caterer on site?

Yes for F1 and Moto GP – but check the days & times of availability!

Generally no for all ‘Other Events’

If I leave early, can I have a refund?

Sorry No, once you are on site, and you decide to depart early (due to poor weather or any other reason) then we don’t give refunds

If you know well in advance that you only want to stay one night, for say the F1 Thursday night Concert,  then please contact us for advice on

Are there any local taxis?

Yes, there are three taxi companies in the area.

BRACKXI 24 hour taxi service – 01280 700 600

MK Towcester Cabs – 01908 477 121

R&R Cars – 01280 822 222, 814 239, 823 636

*We have no affiliation or association with these taxi companies*

Camping FAQ

Can you explain your Pitches please?

Have a look at our  Pitches-Explained Diagram

What time does the campsite open and close?

The campsite is open 24 hours a day. You can therefore arrive at any time to set up. However we would prefer the last arrivals before DUSK so that you can set up before dark, and are less likely to cause injury to other campers or their property.

Is it true you now have hot showers for all events - even the small ones?

Yes it is!  We are very pleased to advise we now have permanent hot showers!  We have had lots of really positive feedback about them, and they are FREE too!

Note Re Showers – If you are coming camping for small events (ie not F1 or Moto GP) – please text 07802 831777 with a request for ‘Hot Showers Please!’, so we can make sure they are ready for you. You need to do this 4-6 hours before you arrive!  Thank you

Can I bring a Generator?

Yes you can!

Generators (small quiet ones) are very welcome but we ask you please to ensure they are off by 10pm and not ON before 7am Please.

We ask you please to be considerate to your neighbours, especially those with sleeping children!.

Pick your spot carefully, so to cause as little nuisance to other campers as possible, thank you!

Can I hire a Generator while camping with you?

Yes you can! There is a family friendly company in Buckingham who knows our campsite and can help you out. Speak to Stuart or Harry.

Contact info:

Home Farm Yard, Bourton, Buckingham, Buckinghamshire, MK18 7DU

Tel: 01280 822282


Do you have Electric Hook Up?

Yes – for Moto GP and F1 (only) we will have a limited amount of Electric Hook ups available. Please email for details/Availability : or have a look here:

You are also able to bring your own small generator – see another FAQ for more info

Will there be plugs for my mobile phone

Good News! – You can now charge your mobile phone or battery pack.  It’s at your own risk, so probably best to leave a battery pack there and look after your well loved phone!

We have Charging lockers available for F1 and Moto GP – They cost £25 each for the weekend. Details can be found here:

So don’t forget to bring those in car chargers and battery packs

I’m Camping with you, can I leave my car parked on site until after the big race on the Sunday?

Yes that’s absolutely fine, when you pay for camping, it includes your parking, so feel free to take down your tent and pack it away in the car. Leave your car with us, then beat the traffic when you want to go home.

If you are a Saturday night camper: Your camping includes Sunday parking, as well as the Saturday parking if you arrive early enough!

Can we have a BBQ?

Of course you can, that’s all part of camping, but please do not put directly on to the grass, bring some bricks with you to put it on to avoid the grass catching fire. Also DO NOT put it in your tent – major risk of carbon monoxide poisioning.

There is just me in the tent, do I get a discount for one?

Sorry no, it’s a pitch price that includes up to two adults and two children (under 14). We are still very reasonably priced even for one. – So why not bring a friend for no extra cost!

Can I join my mates and camp with them?

Of course you can. Ask who ever gets there first to mark you out a spot to camp in, to stop any one else camping there. We only ask that you pay us the camping prices as per the website on arrival i.e. we do not want a long list of situations like, Ben is joining us and we will pay for him etc. it is far too confusing for us.

Please either come all together or pay separately (at the prevailing price on arrival) on the gate when you arrive please!


We would like to you mark a pitch out for us before we arrive please

Sorry we can’t do this – we love to be helpful, but this is something we can’t manage.  You can come on site anytime and mark your own pitch area – as long as it’s not where we have fenced for non camping. Come down the Wednesday before, and get your area reserved, if you’d like to!

How long can I stay at your site?

The maximum stay is six nights, this is all that our licence allows.

What time must I vacate on the day of departure?

We don’t have any strict time restrictions. We just recommend that if
you leave on a Sunday you wait for the traffic to ease before heading
off. If you are staying until Monday then we ask for you to be vacated
by lunchtime.

How will I dry my hair?

Good News:

We now have the Pit Stop Cabin for you to use – There are four permanent hair driers availbale to use with large mirrors so you can keep yourself looking good!

Please note we are sorry, but we still have to say NO to  plug in HAIRDRIERS and Hair STRAIGHTNERS… they have a huge electrical pull on the system and if we are not careful they will blow the system – as we are in a rural location, we don’t have unlimited electrical supply… so we like the electric to go to keeping the showers hot! So Please leave your plug in devices at home, thank you.

Can you freeze my ice packs for me?

Yes you can now freeze your ice packs – there is a freezer near the shower block for your use.  It’s just for ice packs, and not for food and drink.

Remember you’d be leaving your ice packs at your own risk… but generally folks are nice and so all should be fine!  You might also like to label them to avoid any confussion!

Can I get my shopping delivered there?

Well, it rather depends on your supermarket…. but you could ask them to deliver and the post code (MK18 5LH) will bring them straight to the campsite gate BUT BUT BUT You must be there to meet them and take delivery.  We can not be there to help you and there is no where for shopping to be stored for you!

There will be 4 Adults in one tent or one caravan - how do we pay/book for that?

So if you are all in one Tent/one caravan – you can either pay for two pitches or it is charged at £10pppn plus vehicle cost. Which ever works out cheaper. See Pitch Prices Explained on the relevant booking page. If in doubt  just email us and ask!

There are six (adults) in two tents how much do I need to book/pay?

There are two ways of doing this and we are happy to charge what ever works out cheaper

First way – Six Adults equates to three pitches – so you need to pay for three pitches, even though there are only two tents.

Second Way – Pay for two pitches to cover for 2 tents and  4 adults,  and then pay an extra £10pppn for the extra 2 adults.

Can we bring Glass Bottles?

We and the animals that graze over winter would really rather you didn’t, as smashed glass is not good for human or animal feet.

Please bring plastic bottles when ever you can! Thank you

I’m disabled. Is this place suitable for me?

Please look at our accessibilty page for details:

What will I be camping on?

All pitches on grass.

Parking FAQ

What time does the car park open?

You can come as early as you like, but anytime before 5am is taken as camping & camping prices apply

Can I change the day that I arrive?

Yes you can‚ ideally email us to advise, no need to wait for a response, just pay accordingly on arrival.

What will I be parking on?

Car parking is generally on grass, occasionally on stubble fields.  No there is not hardstanding (generally) available for car parking.

You park at your own risk, you must drive very slowly and sensibly where directed, some areas may be a little uneven.  You are parking on farmland, not on town car park!

I’ve got a vehicle bigger than a car - can I park that?

We can accomodate most things – even winnebegoes…..we have a lot of space which helps us accomodate pretty much everything!

I’m camping... can my wife/friend bring another car and park at my pitch?

As there is lots of space this is fine to have more than one car BUT our pitch price includes one vehicle only (ie one car/Van/campervan/motorhome) SO you will need to pay the daily car parking charges for the extra vehicle even if the car is not coming and going each day.

What time does the car park close?

We ask that you leave by Dusk for safety of others. After 9pm Camping
prices will apply even if you are not sleeping in your vehicle.

Food and Loos?

You are welcome to use our toilet facilities and on-site catering when parking with us.