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MOTO GP Glamping/Pre Erected Tents

Glamping Bookings  – OPEN for Moto GP 2024.   


Phone Helen and find out more: 07977 129 035

Silverstone MOTO Grand Prix camping in Silverstone

Yet again,  Hels Bells are bringing you a Glamping Option to Dadford Road Campsite for the MOTO GP. 

So do you fancy being on a campsite close to the action at Silverstone, but not wanting to bring your own tent and all the associated hassle?!

Then we may have the answer for you………

Glamping in Silverstone and glamping in Northamptonshire, enjoy the great environment brought to you by Dadford Road Campsite.

Take a Look at this link to find out more:

GLAMPING AT DADFORD ROAD CAMPSITE – Click Here for More Information!

You need to deal with Hels Bells direct in regard to these Glamping Tents!

Phone Helen and find out more: 07977 129 035

Pure Luxury…. All The Joy Of Camping, But None Of The Hassle!

For the avoidance of doubt you can only book via Hells Bells Tents and your booking with them includes the Dadford Road Campsite Pitch Price. So no need to put any bookings through to Dadford Road Campsite  at all if you’re Glamping with us.

  • Facilities

  • Hot Showers
  • Fully Flushing Toilets & Wash Basins
  • Washing Up Sinks & Drainers
  • Drinking Water
  • Catering by Terry’s of Swanbourne
  • Lots of space
  • Stewards on-site 24hrs
  • Drinking Water
  • Camp together with your friends
  • Comfort of your own Glamping Tent!
  • Mobile Phone Charging
  • Freezer Pack Freezing
  • Strictly NO Dogs or other Pets allowed.
  • Pitches

PLEASE NOTE: In busy periods, ie after the main race, the police may make all traffic go right out of our gate towards Dadford and Buckingham and it may be one way out -so two lanes of traffic both heading for Dadford. We have no control over this obviously. To go back towards Silverstone is generally madness at these busy times for obvious reasons!
ALSO PLEASE NOTE: For F1 we can not guarantee quiet camping. As the week progresses people generally get more excited!  We like to be honest!