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F1 Info for Campers who are Staff Working at Silverstone

Hello Dadford Road Staff Campers 

Silverstone is nearly upon us all – we hope you have a good set up day or two and  a very successful F1  weekend

Just a quick email to share with you the following information

If you haven’t already provided please can you email me a list of all your staff names and their arrival day, thank you. 

Same for the main two vehicles you will have on site that are coming and going, so we know who is who. 

From Wednesday the entrance gate will be manned, wristbands and car passes will be needed, please see Levi or Caroline about these.

Make sure your staff have your Staff QR code to scan on arrival – remember the QR code will scan the same number of times as you have paid for people to camp on site.  If you need more – please book another batch of tickets –

Please can you and your staff read these links

Hope you have a good week

Please can I remind you about the Staff Camping info and Rules:

  • Staff area is allocated in an area at the back of our campsite – Follow the Staff Camping Signs.
  • Staff can walk to Silverstone which could be circa 25 mins walk to Club Corner from Staff Camping Field  – depending how enthusiastic they are.
  • Staff need to bring their own camping equipment and must leave their car by their tent unless leaving the site completely.
  • All staff must wear the wristbands and display car passes given and use the bin bag provided!
  • Driving off site is possible, as long as you have a vehicle pass. However on Sunday morning Silverstone Traffic Control have been known to make our gate one way in – which means no one can leave – suggest you leave site before 7am on Sunday morning.
  • It will be extremely busy, so it’s important you keep vehicle movements to a minimum, but as staff tend to leave the site early & return late the congestion should be reduced.
  • Please drive slowly across the site at all times. Speeding mini buses full of staff will not be tolerated. You will be asked to leave.
  • We expect you to be responsible for your Staff group and ensure their behaviour is acceptable for them to remain on site.
  • When your staff arrive they need to know the name of your Company AND the name of the Person who booked the camping or we may turn them away. So if you have sub Company names please consider this as we too frequently get clueless people turn up who have no idea who they are working for…. which causes unnecessary confusion and indeed stress!
  •  More site information including site rules can be found on our website


BEFORE YOU ARRIVE –   Think about what you pack.

  • Consider that you’ll need all your first aid and safety items including equipment  for putting out any fire on your pitch
  • Remember it gets really dark as the campsite is open countryside – a head touch might be very handy
  • Pack sensible shoes – the ground may be uneven in places.   We have had a very wet year, the soil then dried hard quickly and so the ground is a bit uneven under foot as well as with vehicles. Please take care.
  • Remember that sheep and cattle graze the land and so broken glass isn’t good for their feet – so ideally please bring plastic bottles.
  • Lastly we suggest you bring your card and cash, as when the phone signal shrinks due to the vast crowds, many phones struggle to perform. You might also want to screen print or photograph important stuff before you come.
  • Check DRC’s F1 News page for F1 site info, food, shop etc


  • Follow Yellow Triangles on signage, then follow Yellow ‘E’ or MK18 5LH for sat nav to our gate
  • Bear in mind that the Dadford Road will have some traffic restrictions and be made one way out on Sat/Sun afternoons – so better to arrive in the mornings on Saturday and Sunday. – Saturday afternoon arrival could be problematic on the roads. 
  • NOTE If you are arriving from the Buckingham/Stowe/Dadford direction – the Yellow Road Closed signs mean no through road most of the time and you can get to our campsite and Silverstone Circuit. Check road signs and traffic rules in place as you come through.


  • Drive Slowly. Ground uneven in places.
  • Do have a look at the Campsite Map
  • Ensure your Caravans are 6m and small tents are 4m apart to reduce fire risk.
  • Do not camp under power lines Fire Safety Advice
  • DO NOT park on mowed access roads You will have to move if you do! – Fire trucks might need to get in…..
  • Vehicles Must stay next to your pitch at all times unless you are leaving site completely
  • USB charging points & Freezers for ice packs @ Shower/loo Blocks 1 &2


  • If you wish to leave site on Sunday Morning by vehicle – we suggest you leave BEFORE 7am.  Silverstone Traffic Management have been known to make our entrance one way in only on Sunday morning.
  • Remember all the people at Silverstone have arrived over the last SEVEN days. If they all go home after the F1 race…. It causes Silverstone Gridlock!!  Happens every year…..
  • There is NO point in moving your vehicle,  you will NOT get away quicker.
  • The only exit on SATURDAY & SUNDAY afternoons will be the temporary back exit. During these times you will NOT be able to exit the campsite via the main entrance due to one way systems. You will not be able to enter via the back exit. – You will have to come to the main entrance when one ways systems have ceased. 
  • Delay your departure to after 7pm on Sunday.  You do not need to take your tent down or pack up in the morning – you can do that afterwards and delay leaving.