F1 Glamping – Why do it? Especially when you’re off for a noisy motorsport weekend?!

F1 Glamping – Why do it? Especially when you’re off for a noisy motorsport weekend?!

It’s all the rage this Glamping lark, and I really isn’t just about having a tent ready for your arrival…. Hels Bells at our campsite (Dadford Road Campsite and Parking) are something else.  The amount of effort Helen puts in to her ‘Bell’s’ is just amazing. Her attention to detail is second to none…. and a welcome change from the no frills camping that most folks do for themselves at Silverstone weekends! It’s good for your health too, so they say – see below.

So why not try Glamping at Silverstone instead of Camping in Silverstone and still be close to Silverstone for F1 Camping and Moto GP Camping too.


How homely can a tent get?

Looks nicer than home! Fancy that after a long and tiring day looking at bikes and cars!

The F1 Glamping tents are just next to the loos & Showers. All pre erected, so you haven’t got to get on site early to get the best pitch, it’s all done for you.  It’s almost like your own private luxury village. Yet still on one of the Silverstone campsites that helps add to the motorsport atmosphere.

With accommodation for miles around being booked up for months on end F1 Glamping is the chance of a little luxury, and still being in reach of Silverstone Circuit. All without the hassle of driving for hours and potentially getting stuck in the queues!

After a long day in the Silverstone Sunshine (wishful thinking may be…. as it also rains, we have to be honest), you can get back to your tent and relax in real bed with home comforts and no hassle….. you could even while away your evening by the open fire pit

Good for your Health?!

Take a look at this…. Glamping ~ it’s good for your health!:



And once you’ve got the Glamping bug… then why not try something a little different from the Silverstone atmosphere – We like the look of this – complete quiet in the Warwickshire countryside at Hill farm, Priors Hardwick:


Hill Farm Glamping - Priors Hardwick

Look at that view…. not a race track in site – tranquillity!