Preparing yourself for Silverstone Traffic on Race Days

Whether your visit to Silverstone is for one of the major events or just a quiet fixture, it makes sense to be prepared.

There are a number of options for camping in Silverstone, and Dadford Road Campsite & Parking is just one.

If you’re going to visit for F1 camping or Moto GP parking etc, then you need to be extra prepared as the numbers of people and hence general chaos and traffic increases considerably.

You would be wise to plan your route to Silverstone, remembering that Postcodes for the big events prove useless as traffic is routed in the best way to make sure it flows well and you go back in the same direction you came – that often causes a problem if you’re going somewhere else on departure!

We are very lucky in that our postcode (MK18 5LH) brings our customers right to our gate for all events – but it also brings campers for other campsites near by too.

Our advice is you plan your route to Silverstone, as you get closer no matter what event, traffic routes will be directed.

Generally there are four routes to Silverstone, firstly from the M1 via A43, secondly from the M40 again via the A43, thirdly cross country to the back of Silverstone village – but these are small slow rural roads which are best avoided.The fourth route is via Buckingham and Dadford village – it’s rural roads again, but ones that do see a lot of traffic on major race days. This is the route that Dadford Road Campsite and Parking is on.

The good news is that for the small events the traffic is usually easy to navigate and you can come from any direction with ease.You’ll also be able to drive up to Silverstone Circuit on quiet events, on the larger ones the wise thing is to park up or pitch up and walk.

The extra wise folks also delay their departure on the Sunday until the traffic has gone, so their Silverstone experience has been a much better and enjoyable one!