Celebrating the UNEXCEPTIONAL

Here is something different about cars – Celebrating the UNEXCEPTIONAL!

Silverstone seems to generally be about the fastest, oldest, best, most famous, newest, historical or the latest thing in cars, motorbikes, trucks and the downright exceptional when it comes to vehicles and their drivers generally …..….so it’s nice for a change to see an event celebrating the unexceptional in cars – just down the road from us at Silverstone campsite at Stowe House/Stowe House.

It’s on the road between Silverstone and Buckingham (MK18 5EH) and just up the road from us as we are a campsite close to Silverstone and Stowe House.

It just seemed to us to be a refreshing change, so why not have a look at this, take a trip down memory lane or take your children back in time to your youth?!

Glimpse at those cars you used to see on our roads everyday…. Perhaps there might be a Panda, Cortina, Marina, Hillman, Escort, Golf you remember or one of many other possibilities that might make the line up.

Take a look at the ordinary yet interesting every day cars that were once commonly parked on driveways in England since last won the Football World Cup in 1966!

The Festival of the Unexceptional: a celebration of everyday cars 1966-1989, takes  place on Saturday 22nd July 2017. More details are on the You Tube and Hagerty website links below.